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Yeweah or No Way?

I am a born again Christian. Often times people find this hard to believe. But here's my issue with them. Recently, I was approached by a fellow writer who is an atheist. And he has the nerve to first of all, assume that I am one too, and second of all, lament about how someone who was smarter then him, more competent then him, could possibly still believe in the "bible bullshit." This is where I find fault. The majority of atheists question how we can possibly take so many things on faith. But I counter, and if someone would like to correct me please do, isn't statistics and data all to be taken on faith? Haven't there been multiple cases of statistics fraud? Aren't people more likely to find favorable statistics to those things that they wish to be true?
Unless you personally were the ones who conducted the experiment, then aren't you being asked to believe that the experiments are honest, and correct? Nothing is certain in this world unless you experience it for yourself.
People often complain how God has left them, how when they were suffering, he was not there. God allows us to suffer because it tests our strengths, and when he allows others to suffer, it tests our compassion, our humanity.
People say, 'well I prayed and it didn't work out.' And I say, 'would you ask a favor of someone who you didn't truly respect?' The Lord knows when he is being mocked, the Lord knows when he is being tested.
I also believe that the actions of the church are not a reflection of their leader. It is the corrupt who take his word and sculpt it to their own purposes. This is not a reflection of God. Someone who does so disobeys a prominent message we are taught as children. Your actions are a reflection of yourself.
I say its okay to criticize the church, I say that alot of them are full of bullshit and the Christian masochistic, sons-of-bitches who line up to protest every right a woman has to her body, and every right gays and lesbians have to marriage can just suck it. Really.
The Bible teaches equality, Jesus said that beyond the Ten Commandments we are first supposed to treat others as we ourselves want to be treated. Jesus says that the way to heaven is through belief, everything else is just an outline. 
I can question the church because it is questionable.
But I believe in the Lord, I believe in Him because when I was suffering, he gave it a purpose, when I was down, he showed me light, and when I pray, at the times I least expect it; he answers my prayers.